Real estate issues can be very complex covering federal, state and common laws.  I have over a decade worth of experience navigating this issues, with both clients and through my only personal experiences. My office can assist you with a number of legal issues relating to acquiring, financing, developing, managing, constructing, leasing and selling commercial and residential real property of all kinds, including:


                I have represented property owners and prospective property owners regarding real estate transactions relating to residential purchase and sale agreements, commercial purchase and sale agreements, residential leases, and commercial leases.

                Real estate disputes, including experience with adverse possession, prescriptive easements, easements of necessity, eminent domain, condemnation, title and boundaries, trees, party walls, fences, encroachment, as well as sale disputes such as non-disclosure and misrepresentation.

                Real property issues, including negotiating and drafting lot line adjustments and subordination agreements.

                I have work closely with large brokerage firms regarding issues such as claims against and defense of real estate brokers and agents including negligence, fraud/misrepresentation, and disclosure obligations.

                Land use and zoning matters, ranging from full representation of property owners including drafting of memorandum of law and representation at the governing bodies, to negotiating a settlement between the adverse parties to simply advising you of the best way to proceed on your own.

                Common interest communities’ issues, including drafting of all necessary legal documents such as covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R).

                Drafting and filing of mechanic's liens.


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