Land Use and Zoning

Land Use and Zoning refers to the regulation of the use and development of real property.  In San Francisco and other counties, the use and development is regulated by the Planning Department, with rulings by the Planning Commission, and appeals heard by the Board of Appeals, the Board of Supervisors, and the California Superior Court.  The rules and regulations that every property owner must abide by are codified in the Planning Code.  While this may on its face seem straight forward, it is far from it, being a complicated and often times a time consuming task, and one best navigated by an experienced professional.  With a decade of experience in this matter, I can help you obtain a success outcome in your endeavor.  I have had success in small matters such as obtaining approval to a one-story addition, as well as projects approaching two hundred units. 


In addition, I have not only developed my own projects in San Francisco, prior to my work as an attorney, I worked in construction during college.  I am familiar with all aspects of development, from design to obtaining entitlements and financing, to the actual construction of the project.


I offer services as broad ranging as full involvement in your project, including drafting of legal memorandum, negotiating with the opposing party and appearing before the governing bodies on your behalf, to simply advising you how to proceed on your own.

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